We always maintain a high standard of promotion ethics. We do not use any techniques that are considered spamming or deceptive by search engines or directories.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
We integrate our complete search engine optimization strategies, creative minds and up to date technologies in creating traditional as well as contemporary flash web designs. 

•  What is SEO?

SEO   or   Search Engine Optimization   is the practice of making your website attractive to search engines such as   Google ,   Bing ,   Yahoo , etc.

Search engines regularly read and archive websites so that people can find them easily. For example, a person may be searching for ways to   cook salmon . If your website is about salmon and optimized properly, your site should appear within the first page or two of every search engine.

This is a comprehensive guide that explains   how to SEO your website . This tutorial offers an overview of how to optimize your site's performance in search engine rankings. From how to set up your site and naming pages to creating conversation across the web, this page offers strategies, tips, and suggestions that can help make your site a success.

SEO is the process of making your website easier for search engines to understand. The goal of SEO is increased ranking for your website, which will result in more traffic. 1 Engaging in search engine optimization requires a constantly evolving skill set. This guide contains basic practices that have remained relatively constant over time.

Many people who don't understand SEO or the goals of SEO consider it to be spam or manipulation. However if implemented within search engine guidelines, the practice is endorsed by Google and other search engines. Good SEO results in pages that are set up in a structured and orderly fashion. The pages will be filled with better information and more valuable content.

What SEO Is Not

SEO is not about manipulating search engines such as   Google ,   Bing   or   Yahoo .

Search Engine Optimization is about creating clean and detailed web pages that can be easily read by automated robots.

By following a basic set of rules and ensuring that you have the correct information in your source code along with keywords and other detailed information throughout a page, a search engine like Google will be able to easily read and catalog (or index) your page.

Advantages in Search Engine Optimizing my website ?

Search Engine Optimization will help you :

  • Increase on-line traffic
  • Dominate your competition
  • Broaden market share

Are you using Automated Softwares for submission ?

We will submit your site/s by hand to the major search engines. This is far more effective and a safer route to website submission vs. automated solutions.

At all times We maintain a high standard of promotion ethics. We do not use any techniques that are considered spamming or deceptive by search engines or directories.

SEOs guarantee #1 Ranking ?

This differs from SEO to SEO. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to search engines. They don't even guarantee that your site will be listed, let alone placed in the top rankings. With no ultimate control over the engines, we personally do not believe in misleading our own clients that we have such control by offering a guarantee for a particular ranking on particular search engines.On their Webmaster Guidelines pages, Google states "Beware of SEO's that claim to guarantee rankings" and we follow and agree with their guidelines on this. HOWEVER, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that if you're not satisfied that we have lived up to our rankings promise within 3 months, we'll refund you the 50% of the project cost.

Will you submit my site to 2500+ search engines as few others say ?

NO. This is because only the few major search engines and directories will bring you any traffic. Research of how people look for information on the Internet indicates that 95% of all people who search for information on the Internet use the top search engines and directories. Hence, submitting your site to 2,500+ search engines is not going to benefit you in any way.

In fact, most of these 2,500 search engines exist with the sole aim of getting hold of your email address when you submit your site and then sending you junk email. Hence, submitting your site to these search engines is nothing but a waste of time and money for you.

Which search engines do you submit sites to?

Our search engine positioning services target the following major search engines and directories:

  • AltaVista
  • AOL Search
  • Fast
  • Google
  • HotBot
  • Lycos
  • MSN
  • Netscape
  • Open Directory
  • Yahoo!

How long does it take to see results?

It can take between 2 - 12 weeks to see results, depending on each search engine. 5Gen tech starts tracking your website's performance 14 days after submission. We will forward all results as they come in over time.